A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> The Difference

 Considering all factors, for speed, both keyboard and controller are actually very evenly matched. While a lot of good players use controller, like Brionac and Seekr, I use keyboard, and so does Backgrounds', Hotride, and some other players.

 There are some differences though. Controller players can use thrusters omnidirectionally and can vary the degree to which they steer, while keyboard players can only use thrusters in 4 directions and steering acts more as a toggle, thus making it so that keyboard players have to tap the steering directions to make finer turns. This difference results in controller players having the definite advantage in any levels that involve mostly steering optimization, such as in the workshop levels 'Guvox' by Backgrounds', 'xenon reality' by me, and 'SNES Rainbow Road' by Bridge.

 Keyboard players though are able to drive perfectly straight in levels without boost by just pushing the "drive forward" button, and are able to activate thrusters precisely in one of the 4 directions. The latter can provide an advantage in hard gripfly levels, where going straight is sometimes paramount. The former can be helpful I suppose if you ever needed to drive perfectly straight.

 Controller players can thrusterboost for an advantage too (if you can do it well enough at least) while even on keyboard, even if you do it perfectly, because keyboard can't use thrusters omnidirectionally and also because of digital input smoothing making it impossible to activate thrusters instantly, it will never be faster. But thankfully thrusterboosting for an advantage is extremely rare because of how hard it is even for controller players.

 Controller players also have to learn how to use a dual stick control scheme for maximum control, while keyboard players have dual stick capabilities by default. While a dual stick control scheme takes a bit of time to learn, it isn't much of a long term problem since it seems after a controller player plays with dual stuck long enough, they get the hang of it pretty well.

 Recently, another difference has come up due to the cloud update. For some reason, now, if a controller is plugged in, the game will experience a memory leak while inside of levels. This means that for controller players, the game will crash if they are in a level after a few hours. How many hours that is, however, seems to depend on the player. I've heard it takes up to 7 hours to crash for the player Brionac, and up to 3 hours for the player Don Quixote, so it can vary by a lot.

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