A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Thrusterboost

 I've made a whole section for thrusterboosting for an advantage because I think it fits on its own better. While anyone can thrusterboost, it is notoriously difficult to thrusterboost well enough so that it is better than if you had just used grip. In fact, as I've said in the section on the differences between keyboard and controller, keyboard players straight up can't glean any advantage from thrusterboosting. From what I understand, a controller player just needs to spin the thruster stick fast enough to get the advantage, but also be able to make overall movements while spinning the stick so they actually go where they want. For most players, this will not be realistic and will also be needlessly painful. I think the only active player as of writing this that does it is Brionac, so unless you are competing against him, you really shouldn't have to worry about doing it. Seekr has made their own thing describing why thrusterboosting can even be faster than just using grip: https://seekr.pw/distance-mechanics/posts/thruster-boost-advantage/.

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