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About me?
 This seems like a page that always has to exist, whether you want it to or not. I don't even know what I would write in it, since I have not written it yet from my perspective. Last time I made one of these, it was a page that just had a plush dinosaur say a random quote out of 101 possible quotes every time you reloaded the page and scrolled down. People didn't see the scroll bar 95% of the time though so it really didn't work out.
Distance Guide
 Ah. This is what inspired me to make this website once and for all in the first place. I guess I could have put it on my old website, but I wanted it to be on a site more dedicated to Predatory_Balloon stuff. I spent a lot of time writing this guide, so I hope someone reads it.
 A timeline of all the things I have ever done that were meaningful in a not awful way. Some things here though are awful though, so don't let your guard down.
More pages may come with time...