A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Wing Pumping

 Wing pumping is a technique that is used for retaining a slightly higher average forward speed in the air. It involves gripflying until you are lower than you would normally want to be, then using wings briefly to pull yourself back up, and then repeating this motion until you make it to your destination. Here is how it looks:

 In my experience, when crossing a gap to get to a road or platform straight ahead, the fastest way to cross the gap with one or multiple wingpumps is to first gripfly with your car pointed straight forward, so that you experience a gradual decrease in height over time, and then once you get to be slightly below the road or platform you intend to land on, that's when you start your wing pump to bring you back up.

 In reality though, using this technique is just barely faster. Often times a good player may even wing pump because they made a mistake in their angle, and are needing to readjust with wings. Because of this, I suggest you don't take all wing pumps at face value and to really consider if any particular one is actually faster to do.

 Wing pumping works even better if you are moving in an overall downward direction to get to a horizontal road or platform. This is because in this particular case, you can use the wing pump to transfer that downward speed into horizontal speed, like so:

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