A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Wheelie Boosting

 Alright, so wheelie boosting is a strat that is used to go faster, but if you use it, people will likely be very annoyed. What is though? Well, wheelie boosting is when you jump, tilt back, and slap your car back on the road with grip and thrusters, and then repeat. Here is what the motion looks like:

 It is faster than just boosting on a road regularly. However, if you do it, people really won't view your time as serious, and they may get annoyed if you take world records with it. The bottom lines are these:

 1. Top players don't do it or want to do it for a number of reasons, so as an agreement between most players to keep the playing field equal for competition, its usually agreed to never use this tactic.

 2. Because the agreement on not doing it is held by most players, when someone gets a high scoring time with it, most players are likely to get very annoyed due to the fact that the time is cluttering up the competition that actually matters to them, which is the times that don't use wheelie boost. World records are seen as the worst offender, as the wr-log on the Distance Discord will only display world records, and it won't filter out times with wheelie boost. Again, this means that the meaningful competition for most players becomes harder to gauge.

 3. It is controversial in general, meaning that doing it too much can spark heated arguments on how to view wheelie boost.

 4. The Distance power rankings filter out wheelie boost times.

So because of these reasons, I personally recommend against doing it.

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