A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Camera and Virus Spirits

 There is an interesting interaction between the camera and virus spirits (virus spirits are those things that scream and suck you into a portal like at the beginning of the official level 'Destination Unknown' by Refract). The virus spirits will only begin to suck you in if the camera touches or looks in the direction of the virus spirit. This means if you look completely away from a virus spirit, it won't suck you in until you are very close to it! This is used to do two speed related tricks:

1. To skip past a virus spirit when it would normally suck you in and waste your time. (This is how people are able to just drive past the virus spirit in the official level 'Ground Zero' by Refract.)

2. To shorten the sucking animation and as a result, enter the virus spirit portal faster. (This is done with the virus spirit at the start of 'Destination Unknown'.)

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