A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Cinematic Letterbox

 Under the "Graphics Options" menu, under "Bonus Effects", is an option called, "Cinematic Letterbox". While it is called a bonus effect, it has some unique effects on the camera. If you play the game on a 16:9 monitor, (aka 1920x1080, or any multiple of that; its pretty much the most common monitor size these days), then the "16:9" option will do nothing. However, if you have a 16:9 monitor and select the "21:9" option, you will notice that there is an added letterbox (assuming you have a 16:9 monitor and play with a resolution that is of the same aspect ratio of the monitor). But, this letterbox doesn't just cover up parts of the camera. What actually happens is it makes the horizontal FOV of the camera wider, and because the resulting image doesn't fit into the 16:9 ratio, it has to shrink the whole image down, and this leaves black bars at the top and bottom since the aspect ratio of the image doesn't match the aspect ratio of the monitor. This is actually the important part! By increasing the horizontal FOV, you can see at a wider angle (again, assuming you have a 16:9 monitor and not a 21:9 monitor), which may be helpful in some cases. Because it is technically rendering more by doing this, it will reduce framerate by a bit though, so you don't necessarily want it on all the time, but it still may help to enable in some cases where having a wider FOV may help.

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