A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Rotational Alignment Through Rotating In One Direction

 This is primarily useful for aligning your rotation in an environment with low angular drag (in the skip for the official level 'Cosmic Glitch' for example). You would want to do this when you are spinning out of control, and want to regain control. The protocol for this is pretty simple. If you are ever spinning wildly and uncontrollably, try rotating in one direction continuously for a while by activating one thruster (or try to do this as accurately as you can if you use a control stick to control thrusters). If you do this, your spin will eventually only be in that direction. At this point, you can activate the opposite thruster (carefully and slowly), and you will cancel out that spin, leaving you in a much less out-of-control state. Here is a video example of these steps:

 The reason this works is because, even at low drag values, there is a maximum speed at which you can rotate. Thus, once you hit that rotation speed cap, the speed coming from the added rotation force (coming from the thrusters) will start to replace the other rotation speeds, and because in this technique you use thrusters to apply the rotation in just one direction, all the rotational speed ends up in that one direction. After that, you simply just have to provide rotational force in the opposite direction in order to cancel out that rotation speed.

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