A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Differences in Forward Gripfly and Frontward Gripfly

 First off, by "Forward Gripfly", I am referring to this:

 And by "Frontward Gripfly", I am referring to this:

 In forward gripfly, the bottom of the car faces toward the camera, in frontward gripfly, the top of the car faces toward the camera.

 There are not too many differences, but the main one is that forward gripfly is almost always going to give you more height when gripflying upward. The one exception to this are cases where you can't move forward a whole bunch. In these cases frontward becomes the most viable method (For example, the first cp of 'Ninja 2' by Backgrounds'). Frontward gripfly becomes more inefficient the more it moves forward ('forward' here is referring to the direction which the car's underside faces during the frontward gripfly). So really, frontward gripfly is only better than forward gripfly in cases where you are trying to gain a lot of height, and for whatever reason, you also have to go up at a very very steep angle.

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