A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Cooldown Through Thruster/Grip Tapping

 This technique is as easy and simple as it is annoying and repetitive. It's most often used when you are landed upsidedown on a small platform (small enough that you can't get ceiling rides) and have most of your boost used up, but need some of that boost back in order do whatever you need to do next, but because you are gripping to stay stuck to the platform, your boost can't regenerate on its own. The technique to cool down is to stop gripping, giving boost a small amount of time to regenerate on its own, and then start gripping again once you start to fall so that you can get back on the platform, and then repeat. It is slow and repetitive, but sometimes the only reasonable and/or safe course of action.

 There are other situations though, where cooldown can be gathered slowly in precarious situations by tapping grip or thrusters, that don't involve being on an upsidedown platform. In 'Ninja' by Backgrounds' for example, the skip involves tapping grip in this precarious vertical balance to slowly regenerate boost. Another example is in 'Ninja (Sunset Mode)' by Backgrounds', where in cp8 the thruster reset can be skipped by balancing your car nose upsidedown on one of the upper horizontal poles, and tapping back thruster carefully so that you stay balanced long enough to regenerate enough boost to go over the top (while I find this way harder to do than actually getting the thruster reset, I'm mentioning it because it seems like something that could be made to be required in a future level, though I hope not).

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