A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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 This, when enabled, makes it so that whenever the car is flipped on its roof, the car will "self right", so that it gets on its wheels again. The amount of time it takes the car to flip over after being on its roof is approximately 1.55 seconds. While tipping the car over, either the left or right thruster can be seen giving the power to flip the car over. Despite this, tipped over self righting will still function in levels where thrusters are disabled. As far as I can tell, it is random whether the game chooses the left or right thruster to flip you over. You often want this setting off, because most levels have thrusters enabled already, giving you the ability to flip yourself over quite easily. In cases where it is needed I often enable it just to flip over, and then disable it once I'm back upright. It doesn't really have much function for providing speed in any realistic way as far as I can tell. It can cause trouble though if you somehow find yourself stuck upsidedown next to a killgrid or pit, as it won't hesitate to flip you right into it.

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