A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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 Alright this one does have actual gameplay consequences that are relevant to some situations. The farther to the right, the higher the sensitivity, the farther to the left, the lower. At the lowest value, steering is basically awful. While this setting affects both keyboard and controller players, controller players would benefit from having this set to the max, because they can then still vary the degree to which they steer by way of the control stick. Keyboard players might benefit from having it a little lower, since to keyboard players, steering is more of an "On" or "Off" deal, and with it fully to the max, making turns around corners might be harder to do efficiently. I play on keyboard and I put it one tick below max.

 Of course in levels where you want maximum steering, like in the map 'Baby Time' by Pinapl, all players would benefit from it being set to the max.

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