A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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 This, when enabled, makes it so that, when in wing form, you will automatically rotate so that your wheels are pointing in the direction of gravity. It also locks the bottom of the camera to prefer pointing in direction of gravity relative to its point of view. When this is disabled, your wheels won't automatically rotate to point toward the direction of gravity, and the bottom of the camera will lock itself to rotate toward being under the underside of the car relative to the camera's view (essentially making the camera always point in the direction of the car, and from the cameras point of view, making the car always look rightsideup).

 Most of the time you would want this enabled, simply because controlling the car in wing form with it disabled is awful (especially when doing wing barrel rolls). However, there are some particular cases where it being disabled can actually help! The cases for this are rare, but they do exist:

 - When using wings in antigravity environments you want flight stabilization disabled because, if it is enabled, you will constantly spin for some reason (unless you are in first person).

 - If you simply want to preserve your car orientation upon activating wings.

 - If you need to stay oriented upsidedown in wing form.

 - When doing a wing flip into a gripfly motion up to a steep angle, say 45° from horizontal or more, doing the wing flip with flight stabilization off is actually just a little faster overall than if you do it with it on.

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