A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Thruster Boosting

 While I won't go into the advanced facets of thruster boosting here (abbrev. TB), I think I should at least mention what it is. TB is like gripfly, but instead of using grip to retain height, it involves only using the 4 thruster directions, rotating through them so fast that it functions nearly identically to using grip (note that holding two opposing thruster directions at the same time activates the same function as holding the grip button does). While it is hardly useful for most players anymore, (I'll later mention who is not like 'most players' in this case later), back when grip was not added yet, this method was the only way to preform the sort of gripfly maneuvers you see today. As such, knowing about this is useful for understanding older conversations on air control you might see. It also was more powerful before grip was added. (See this insane video https://youtu.be/kn2_qPsWghQ)

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