A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Saving Power Rampdown

 Because thrusters ramp down the power of grip in the air, whenever you flip over with thrusters and grip to preform gripfly, a little bit of the maximum grip power you could have gotten goes away because the initial usage of thrusters to flip over in the air. The there is a way around this though. By using wings to flip over instead of thrusters, you can save all the maximum grip power for when you are completely upsidedown.

 Here is how its done:

 This technique is called 'Wing Flip', but in reality people rarely refer to it at all so I doubt you will see the term in many places. In some cases, saving grip power by flipping over with wings is faster than just flipping over with thrusters. These cases usually involve situations where a lot of height needs to be gained (like in the example above).

 You can also save maximum grip power by landing on the underside of a surface.


 Because you are already upsidedown when you drive off the surface, you don't have to waste any thruster usage to flip over, meaning you can immediately use the maximum initial grip power. This is why it is sometimes faster to land on an underside. However, this underside technique is usually only faster in cases where you are trying to go mostly straight or downward, and almost always slower when trying to go upward, since you are not able to get the extra height from a jump while on the underside.

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