A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Lasers Can Be Used To Change Car Collision

 This is something you probably knew already, but it is required knowledge for some levels that have lasers and holes that are too small to get into normally. You can cut your car down so it can fit. Wait this actually has a legitimate use in one official level I forgot.

 Okay so in the official level 'It Was Supposed To Be Perfect' by Refract, there is a skip that is called Credit Card skip, or CC for short. You see, there is an opening in the level that allows you to get out of bounds, but it is normally too small to get through. However, there are lasers in the level. So, what you do is you make a skillful maneuver to get the top of the car sliced off by a laser, and then your car's now reduced size can make it through that opening. Of course, see the top replay on the level to see exactly how it goes, but that is the gist of it. While it is unlikely you will come across another level where having the car's collision be reduced by a laser be necessary for a skip, this is a special case that I think is important to point out.

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