A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Jumping

 Jumping is relatively simple (compared to wheels at least), but there are some complexities.

 First off, the car is allowed to jump only once 2 wheels are touching a surface simultaneously. Yes, the car only needs 2 of its 4 wheels on a surface in order to preform a jump. "What if some of your car wheels are cut off?" I hear you ask. If you have 1 wheel cut off, you still need 2 on a surface to jump. If you have 2 or 3 wheels cut off, you just need 1 on a surface to jump. If you have 4 wheels cut off, you can't jump, obviously.

 Jumping also has a cooldown, meaning there is some time that has to elapse after jumping in order for you to be able to jump again. This cooldown time lasts somewhere from .28 seconds to .30 seconds. It isn't usually relevant of course, but can become relevant in cases where there is high gravity, since you will land faster after jumping.

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