A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Hitting-The-Ground Running (Jumpstart)

 This one is less often applicable, it only having uses in situations without boost. You see, if your wheels are spinning when they hit the ground, you will accelerate a lot faster when you hit the ground than you would if they weren't spinning beforehand. There is a technique to take advantage of this faster acceleration in boostless levels called Jumpstart. The technique involves jumping, spinning up your wheels while in the air (holding gas) so that when you hit the ground again you accelerate faster than you would if you just held gas on the ground without jumping. This is used to gain speed faster on short platforms, where you don't have enough runway to get to maximum driving speed otherwise.

 Additionally, it should be noted that the power of a jumpstart can be increased if wings are enabled in the level. If you jump, activate wings, hold gas, and then keep holding gas while you float slowly down toward the ground, you will accelerate even faster than you would have if you did not use wings. I think this increased acceleration is because the wings give extra time for the wheels to spin up to a faster speed in the air, and because they help you not hit the ground as hard when you land.

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