A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Bomb/Mine Boosting

 BOMB BOOSTING. So this should be pretty clear and simple. Bombs/Mines launch you very fast in a direction after you hit them hard enough (if you hit them very very softly they won't explode). I think it is the shrapnel from the mine that launches you by pushing you, but I'm not sure. Generally, the direction they launch you in is very random, but not completely random. If the angle of impact and rotation of the car on impact are close enough on two attempts, the mine has a tendency to launch you in the same way it did last time. So its not completely random, as how you approach the mine definitely matters, but its also not completely within your control, since it is to some degree random, (and most mines spin, which adds another often unpredictable variable). But yeah, if you can get a mine to launch you in the direction you want so that you can finish the level faster, then you have preformed a mine/bomb boost.

 Apparently mines can launch you through killgrids too, since OMANEYE's time on the level 'Pulse of a Violent Heart' by Refract has him hitting a mine and it launching him so fast that he goes through a killgrid. This is the only level though where I've found such a tactic to be useful or even applicable.

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