A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Suspension Bounce

 The car has a little bit of suspension! The suspension has two major things I want to note about it. First is that it can eat jumps. By this I mean, if your wheels have touched down enough on a surface to jump, but the suspension hasn't retracted yet, and you jump, the jump will be noticeably lower in height, and probably angle the car in a strange direction after. This isn't usually a problem, since you have to jump extremely early upon landing on a platform to have this happen, but it can happen. The lower in height factor comes from the fact that the suspension hasn't canceled all the speed you had heading toward the platform, while the weird angling thing comes from... I'm not sure what. From experience though, it is a useful angling technique if you are ever trying to beat a level with no thrusters, no steering, no driving forward, no braking/reversing, and no wing turning (meaning you can only use boost, wing activate/deactivate, and jump).

 Second is that, if you time your jump just right after landing on some sort of floor, you can jump just slightly higher by timing it with when the suspension bounces you back up. This is less prevalent when you are going fast, such as speeds achieved through boost, but if you are at a stand still or are moving at like, a driving pace, then it can work. The height gain is very slight though, to the point where knowing about this technique and it serving as maybe interesting knowledge is about the extent of its usefulness.

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