A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Sawboosting/Rollerboosting

 The classic. Sawboosting is when you use a saw's fast spinning speed to launch you faster, and rollerboosting is the exact same thing but with a roller instead of a saw. Contrary to popular knowledge, the reason both work so well is not just because of their fast spin. Saws and rollers are special in that they have an extremely high amount of friction with the car hull. You can see this for yourself if you try to slide upsidedown on the car's roof on a large, slow moving saw. If you do this, you will see that your car will fail to slide at all, even when it normally would slide on a more regular surface. This high amount of friction is what allows for so much speed to be transferred from a saw or roller to the car, since it allows the saw/roller to grip onto the car and launch it without it sliding off.

 Saw/roller boosting is notoriously random. It isn't actually "random" in the sense that it is 100% unpredictable, but it is random in the sense that, even a slight difference in movement can result in completely different launches. There is usually a "sweet spot" that gives the best chances of a good boost, but it's about as easy to find as it is easy to hit (which is to say, neither are easy at all).

 I will say, rollerboosting is ridiculously uncommon (see world record replay for the level 'Xyz' by Backgrounds' for one of the few beneficial rollerboosts), and sawboosting is much much more common (see world record replay for the level 'bent wooky demo' by EggManZ or 'Eye of the Storm' by Refract for some notorious sawboosts).

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