A Guide To Most Distance Mechanics
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> Accelerating Wheels Off Platform And Then Driving Onto It

 This one is much like the previous section on jumpstart, in that it is only useful in boostless scenarios and involves spinning your wheels up. However, in this case, it involves tipping the back of the car off the edge of a platform in such a way that one wheel stays on the ground, but the other hangs over the edge, not touching anything. In this case, if you start using gas, you will begin to drive forward with the one wheel, and the other wheel will have a chance to accelerate freely, without having to push the car, allowing it to get up to high speeds. When that wheel that was off the platform finally gets back on the platform, it boosts the speed of the car and causes the car to accelerate much faster that it would have if you just had held gas on the platform without doing this whole technique. This technique I think actually provides a faster acceleration than jumpstart, but is often much harder to preform.

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